Five Reasons Why Everyone Goes to London (Hint: You Should Go Too

Does it ever feel like everyone you know has been to London but you haven’t? Do you wonder why London is so popular as a travel destination or what makes people want to go there so badly? Well, if these questions resonate with you, the answer is: there are a lot of reasons that people go to London. 

London is a massive city that over 9 million people call home. Like any major metropolitan area, it is diverse, full of energy and buzzing with movement. However, what makes London unique is its vast and sprawling history. Over 2000 years of it, actually. This deeply rooted history is palpable in the streets and the people all across London. If you’re into history, London should be one of the top travel destinations on your list. This is also the case if you’re more of an art-enthusiast, or perhaps you’re into fashion and shopping. No matter what you’re interested in, London has something for everyone. 

The Theatre is Unbelievable 

First and foremost, the theatre in London must be addressed. This is one of the main pillars in London culture and history. Theatre is a big part of the London landscape, and is home to a myriad of world renowned playhouses. It is one of the central theatre-hubs in the world, and performers of all calibers aspire to be seen on the stages of London. It isn’t only straight-theatre that rings through the streets of London though. 

Musicals, pub-plays, street performances of all varieties, are all commonplace in London. This makes for a fun night out on the town, and makes it incredibly easy to catch some live-theatre any day of the week. If you’re going to be in London for a day or two, be sure to catch a show. You might even be able to get tickets on a discount if you know where to look. 

Rich Cultural History

London reaches far back into world-history and is a main player in many, many chapters. Suffice it to say that London has pretty much seen it all. From the Revolutionary war, to their hand in both World Wars and going even further back, their involvement in mediaeval times. The days of kings, queens, knights and monarchs. 

A lot of this history is preserved between several prominent museums that are open to the public in London. Whether you’re visiting the Imperial War Museum or you’re taking a tour of the houses of Parliament, there are plenty of ways to immerse yourself in the history of London when you’re on your visit. 

If art-history is more your game when it comes to museums, have no fear, London is also home to some of the most world renowned art exhibits in the world. The National Gallery, for instance, was founded in 1824 and houses a collection of over 2,000 paintings. 

It’s easy to get lost in the National Gallery for hours and hours. 

Street Markets and Performances

While we already touched on street performances, there are also a wide variety of well-known street markets that call London home. This is great if you’re just stopping through though. 

You can make use of luggage storage in St. Pancras, and hit a few street markets before catching your ride back out of town. Easy, quick, and convenient. 

Jack the Ripper Tours

Getting back to the history of the city, it isn’t all about kings and queens, wars, and artists. There are other famous, or infamous, characters that have come out of the streets of London as well. Jack the Ripper is one of the most infamous serial killers in the whole world. Often fictionalized in a variety of today’s media, Jack the Ripper was once a very real person.

To this day, there are a plethora of Jack the Ripper tours that typically start right around dusk. You can walk some of the same streets that Jack walked all those many many years ago, and even see some of the sites along his twisted life. A good Jack the Ripper tour will have you opting to go out for a drink, rather than returning to your comfy hotel room. 

Creating Lifelong Memories

London is a huge city with plenty to do, no matter who you are or what you like to do in your freetime. There is a huge and lively theatre scene, a ton of night life, and loads and loads of historic landmarks

Whether this is your first vacation, or you’re a travel enthusiast, London should definitely make your list of top travel spots. With loads of museums, pubs, and playhouses, there’s never a night to feel bored when you’re in London. The only thing you might be dreading is the long flight, depending on from where you depart.

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