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Both launches of new technologies and the reality of our modern life introduce significant changes in our lives. Almost everything that was developed years earlier has to be transformed. The offline world in a hurry moves to online, and there is no way to turn this process back. In this article, we offer a guide for preparing an engaging virtual event.

Where to Begin?

Arranging a live event generally seems to be much more troublesome than online. To succeed in this case, in addition to high-quality information, you need to find a suitable location, think over a coffee break, and organize logistics. However, even for on-screen events, one cannot do without careful and thoughtful preparation.

Step 1. Agree with the speakers on the date and time of the event

It is impossible to build a productive event without clear timing. The topics of the speech should be united by a common idea. Reveal the essence consistently, without global jumps from one question to another. There must be no pauses between speakers. Give everyone half an hour to speak and ask them not to go beyond the limits. However, do not stop following a well-thought-out plan.

It is recommended to hold an online event in the same way as offline, on less brain-loaded days – Wednesdays and Thursdays. Do not choose weekends or holidays because even in quarantine, people may have more important things to do these days than you think.

Step 2. Decide on the platform for broadcasting the event

There are a dozen advertised webinar platforms, but you need to select one video conferencing platform that will suit you best. There is no strict selection rule. 

The main thing is that the platform should have high video quality and be able to connect an unlimited number of participants. A clear interface also plays a key role. For participants of the virtual meeting to ask questions, take care of the presence of the chat function.

Step 3. Preparation of the announcement and presentation

You will have to fight for the audience, especially for paid events, because the network is teeming with various offers of online events. So as not to fall behind, do not skimp on announcements on social networks, including thematic groups, speaker pages, or Telegram channels. If your budget allows, use the services of the media for marketing a virtual event.

You will not get far without an interesting presentation, so devote more than one day to compiling exciting content. Most listeners will want to receive a file of information after the event so that they can have a desk note for the future. You can even set an additional cost for such members. Think about how to organize a sales package.

Step 4. Meet with speakers beforehand

Every event needs a test run. We recommend that you do not ignore this stage and do not hope that everything is going to be good just because you wish it. 

The test run should show the readiness of the speakers and the quality of audio and video. Again, if possible, connect to the virtual event vendor and ask for an IT specialist for technical support during the real process. This will be your airbag.

Step 5. Venue

The home atmosphere should not interfere with the event. The screams of children and background comments of residents are excluded. 

If there is no such place for a webinar at your home, consider renting an office or a comfortable room. Also, pay attention to your background picture and try to use a virtual one.

Useful tips and advice

When you have prepared everything, there are also some useful recommendations for the event itself. Therefore, pay attention to the following details:

  • Turn on the video recording and make sure everything works clearly.
  • Do not delay the event for the whole day. It is tiring. If there is a lot of material, it is better to divide it into several meetings.
  • Breaks are required! Break the event into blocks and, after each, arrange something like a coffee break.
  • Be mega-positive because you set the mood for the event from the first minutes.
  • Ask for the reaction of the listeners. Even if you do not see the raised hands, this does not mean that there were no questions along the way.
  • Run an e-mail newsletter in which you ask to share your impressions and talk about the next planned events.

Quarantine provokes many areas of activity to go online. Hence, such a surge in the amount of available content on the Internet for every taste appeared, and there are lots of online events today.

The uniqueness and usefulness of the information remain an important question for each such meeting. Nevertheless, if you have something to say, do not be silent. Experience and knowledge are too valuable to be left behind the scenes. Just organize everything beforehand and plan your event properly, and it will attract the audience.

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