Why do dogs lay on your feet? (Top 3 Reasons)

Why do dogs lay on your feet? In this article we have mentioned top 3 reasons. So continue reading below…

It’s a Saturday night, and you’re sitting in your favourite chair. Your dog curls up to your feet, having taken its rest at the foot of your bed that very afternoon.

Going to the park was hard work! This behaviour is most common when dogs seek comfort; this may stem from their loyalty toward you as their owner.

Some more experienced owners claim that they didn’t teach their dogs; they just noticed one day that their dogs were at the foot of their bed waiting for them every night after work. This is called “cosiness”, as it is often seen in family movies involving birds, cats, or even soldiers with pets that camp out with them on faraway lands!

1. The Root of the Behavior

The main reason dogs exhibit this sort of behaviour is that they have strong “pack” instincts in which dogs who live in the wild or outside a domesticated space live and sleep closely together for protection and to keep warm.

Dogs will also lay down wherever their leader happens to place themselves (at your feet, at the foot of your bed, etc.) in their pack, whether you perceive them as your “alpha dog” or not.

Even puppies in the wild will sleep closely together, and each is positioned not to get crushed by their mother or other animals. This protective measure has become instinctual and continues even after a puppy grows out of infancy to seek warmth from its family members.

If you look more closely at this behaviour, you can see that dogs doing it are not just trying to keep cool. For example, some would rather sleep on the floor by their feet than on a warm bed.

Others seek reassurance or express their fear of something (even though some breeds are stoic). They might also be acting submissive, which means they are deferring to the owner in defence or protection of their family unit!

If your dog has separation anxiety and you’re at home, chances are he will lay at your feet to reassure himself that you are nearby. As stated below, there are many different reasons why dogs may show this behaviour.

The main reason dogs have separation anxiety is the result of instincts related to packing behaviour where they need to be near their original “pack.” It’s not something you should let bother you too much because, like the saying goes: “You should let sleeping dogs lie.”

2. Encouraging the Behavior

While sleeping or laying down right next to our feet may not be a great habit, it can be endearing and make us feel good. When you love your dog unconditionally as you do, you’re more than willing to allow him to stay close by so he can get the attention he desires.

However, sometimes we want our dogs to provide us with comfort rather than depend on us to give them what they need.

Next time when your pup is on the couch or lying on his bed or even just in his crate – don’t make a fuss over him because that will only encourage this unwanted behaviour.

Give him some training tips and reiterate the boundaries of acceptable behaviour.

 When training a dog, it’s very important to be clear and specific about what you’re trying to get the dog to do for you. When a dog is being trained to lie down when asked, it’s best not to teach them commands like “lie” or “sit” because they probably already know how to do that.

Rather than fuss over those obvious commands, focus first on teaching the dog where exactly they should go when they want a reward by taking the dog outside and letting them know the specific areas considered off-limits, so they don’t accidentally ruin your hard work. Use positive reinforcement (like treats) as rewards for getting it right.

3. Other Solutions and Considerations

 Dogs like to feel secure, just like people do. So they need to know that they are being cared for and loved. If a dog is lying on your feet, he may be insecure because he knows you’re his best friend, and it makes him feel safe.

Likely, he wouldn’t do this in front of just anyone. Dogs like the routine of normal behaviour in your relationship with him. If he’s been feeling insecure lately, your dog may be trying to reconnect with you by laying on your feet, showing that someone needs some attention and love right now!


A dog is a man’s best friend. They are loyal animals and are often known for their protection abilities. You can rest easy knowing that your pet will protect its owner from strangers, but make sure it doesn’t try to defend its owner against other dogs aggressively! Visit this blog post for some good reading about becoming the best owner you can be for your dog.

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