Understanding Blackjack Payouts: A FAQ Guide

Every card player wants to increase their odds in blackjack for a winning hand. Choosing RTP rates of 99% and above can also increase your odds, while casino bonuses can match your deposit for more money to use for placing bets. 

For the best blackjack odds, play blackjack games with 3:2 payouts, not 6:5, which we will explore below in this blackjack FAQ guide. It is also helpful to play demo blackjack games and study rules on how to play blackjack to become familiar with winning combinations, insurance, and payouts.

What is the best payout in blackjack?

The best payout is 3:2, which pays 1.5x your bet on a natural. There are also 6:5 payouts on a natural for 1.2x your bet, while perfect pairs pay out 30:1.

How does a blackjack payout work?

If you bet $10 and your hand is better than the dealer’s, you win the original stake plus an extra $10 for a 1:1 payout. However, a push can occur if you and the dealer have the same hand. Natural black payouts are 3:2 for $7.50 payouts or 6:5 to win $6.

How much does a blackjack hand usually pay?

Blackjack pays 1:1. Hence, if you bet $1 and win, you will win $1 (your original wager) plus $1 for a total of $2. 

What is a 6:5 payout?

Most bettors see a 6:5 payout, but it is the worst for gamblers as the Return To Player (RTP) rate drops from 2% to 0.5%. Hence, if you bet $6, you will win $5, a 1.2x payout.

What is a 3 to 2 blackjack payout?

A 3 to 2 payout or 3:2 is when the payout rate is 1.5x. Meaning you will win $3 for every $2 you bet.

Do online casinos have 3:2 blackjack payouts?

Yes, but it varies by casino. To confirm the payout, check the paytable on the website before you play. Because 3:2 is an ideal RTP, look for this natural payout when playing online.

Should I take insurance when I play blackjack? 

It is not a good idea to take out insurance in natural blackjack. The player cannot tell if the dealer has a face-down 10 card for a natural blackjack.

What are the winning odds in blackjack?

The odds of winning blackjack are more than 99.50%, so players will eventually lose. But do not let this discourage you from playing. Blackjack is one of the only table games with a low house edge.  

What is the RTP loophole to avoid in blackjack?

When going from 3:2 odds (0.5%) to 6:5 (2%), the RTP decreases to a whopping 400%, meaning the house edge/advantage goes up 400%. While theoretical, if the RTP is 98%, for every $1,000 you bet, you would win back $980, and the house would win $20. 

A similar scenario would be a 99.5% RTP, the real RTP rate in blackjack, where the house gets $5 instead of $20. Hence, it is best to stick with casinos that have 99% RTPs or higher. If they state they have 6:5 payouts, the house has the advantage.

Is there a way to get an advantage with 6:5?

Yes. In exploring answers to questions about blackjack, look for reload bonuses and welcome offers that double your deposit. Other options include cashback offers, crypto payment option bonuses, and referral comps to boost your bank and offset your losses. 

While this will not change the 6:5 payout rate, the upside is you will have more cash to gamble with. However, be sure to check the promotions page so you can access all the cash offers that apply to table games. 

Some online casinos provide generous cryptocurrency bonuses for loading your account with Bitcoin or another digital currency, so play it to your advantage!

What are RTP variations?

The RTP for Spanish 21 is 99.60%. European Blackjack has a return-to-player rate of 99.38%. Blackjack Switch’s RTP is 99.42%. The RTP for Free Bet Blackjack is 98.96%. Progressive Blackjack’s RTP is 56.10%. 

How does a player get blackjack?

If a player gets two cards, a ten-card, which is a ten or a picture card, and an ace that totals 21. It is called a natural blackjack with a 3:2 payout at 1.5x your initial bet.

What are the odds of natural blackjack?

4.83% or 1/21 rounds of cards dealt will result in a natural blackjack with a single deck and drops to 4.78% with two decks. The most common is eight decks at 4,096/86320 for 4.75% odds. 

How do I calculate my blackjack bet?

Count the number of cards from the number of decks and add the tens and aces, and then deduct that number by 100 or stick with 4.75% odds.

Is 2:1 popular online in blackjack?

No. Online casinos usually start with 3.2 payouts, and some use 6:5, which is worse.

What is the most standard blackjack payout?

A standard payout is 3:2. If you are uncertain, in the live dealer games or at a casino, ask the dealer or look for the rates on the table. 

What are the odds of a natural blackjack?

To get a natural blackjack, the odds are 1.20%, but this applies to the dealer as they are drawing cards from the same deck/shoe.

How does 6 to 5 blackjack differ from the standard 3 to 2 rule? 

The house edge for 3:2 payouts is 0.5%. With 6:5 payouts, it increases to 2%. Therefore, the odds are higher with the 3 to 2 rule.

Can card counting increase your chance of winning blackjack?

Yes. Card counting is how players can strategically place their bets based on the cards left in the deck. 

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