07 Incredible Apple Juice Benefits That Will Amaze You

Apple juice is a fan favorite of kids and adults alike. Adults can even indulge in this tart, refreshing drink on hot afternoons or as a sidekick to breakfast.

When you’re craving apple juice, keep in mind these 11 great benefits that are sure to amaze you!

11 Apple Juice Benefits

1. (Vitamin) C is for Cancer Prevention!

One of the major benefits of apple juice nutrition is its high level of Vitamin C. Most people know that Vitamin C is considered one of the top vitamins to take on a regular basis, but what exactly does it do? While there are several ways in which Vitamin C benefits our health, one of the most important roles it plays is strengthening our immune system.

This is why you’ll often see people adding powdered Vitamin C supplements into their juice and other drinks around cold and flu season, as it’s often popular for fighting off seasonal colds.

It can even help lower your risk of developing cancer and some studies have looked into using it in tandem with chemotherapy treatments.

2. Heart-Healthy

One of the many benefits of apple juice is that it helps keep your veins clean and clear. It’s known for lowering cholesterol, which in turn keeps your arteries clear to lower your risk for cardiovascular diseases, heart attacks, and strokes.

Apple juice hasn’t been medically certified as a treatment yet, but studies have shown promising results in some cases. If you want to give it a try, add some apple juice into your daily diet and see how well it works for you!

3. Constipation Relief (Kids and Adults!)

If the constipation is really getting to you and you need relief, try some apple juice. The fiber and fructose in fruit can help with your digestion.

Apples are especially helpful if you’re feeling unwell. If you’re looking for a Granny Smith variety of apple to use as an at-home treatment, they contain high levels of fiber and can be effective if your stomach needs soothing. Entering into a glass or two of apple juice might just be what your body needed this entire time!

4. Adds Flavor to Your Daily Hydration

Did you know that apple juice is actually over 80% water? While it has a high water content, many people enjoy plain water but find it a bit too bland on the tongue.

Apple juice is a great solution to fix this problem because not only does it contain plenty of hydration, but it can also provide an interesting flavor without the risks associated with artificial flavorings and syrups. Plus, if your kids are having trouble drinking plain water, apple juice is one sure-fire way to trick them into doing so.

5. Weight-Loss Assistance

There’s a lot of juice-marketing going on, but apple also may be one of the most underrated! Often named as the best type of juice for weight loss, apple juice offers a sweet and fruity taste (thanks to all that fruit!) that can suppress appetite and snack urges between meals.

When your stomach starts growling for sugary or salty foods, you should reach for an apple rather than another unhealthy treat.

6. Asthma Improvement

Apple juice is known to support heart health and lung function, so it’s worth a shot. Just make sure to avoid any versions with high sugar content as that can actually worsen asthma.

7. UTI Prevention

Apple juice is great for prevention, but should be avoided by those who have UTIs. This can be confusing because the nature of apple juice’s benefits are helpful in preventing UTIs to begin with! For treatment, it’s suggested that you avoid other types of fruit and juice, as they can worsen your condition rather than make it better.

8. Liver Health

Apple juice is good for so much more than just your heart and lungs! You can also rely on it for better digestion, and it contains malic acid to help your liver function optimally. Apple juice has a lot of benefits for you, and it’s one of the healthy juices you’ll consume every day.

9. Memory Care

With a lot of health benefits, apple juice is a great way to protect your heart, lungs, digestion, and liver. Why not also consider all the amazing things it does for your brain?

Apples are rich in quercetin which protects brain cells and helps keep cognitive function sharp. As we age, that’s so important! And with COVID still lingering in many people’s minds, it may be just what they need to get their memory back.

Wrapping Up Apple Juice Benefits

Now you know the benefits of apple juice! Armed with all this knowledge, enjoy your next glass of apple juice knowing that it’s going to support your immune system, digestion, hydration, and more. Ready for more awesome apple content? Check out my page on planting apples to find out all sorts of information pertaining to this topic!

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