Top 10 sites with jobs in Kuwait

All people interested in finding a job are interested in all the resources that provide all the vacancies available at the moment. And if you decide to try to work in another country, not at home, but for example in Kuwait, you definitely need to familiarize yourself with where you can look for work, as there are national job search sites for those who are already in the country, and these sites inaccessible to foreigners without auxiliary tools, which makes it difficult to find a job. Yes, and vacancies on such sites are designed more for the domestic market and not for foreigners, and employers from there are very likely to refuse you a job.

But there are international resources for those who are looking for a job, and they are designed specifically for those who are looking for work in a country other than their own. And the vacancies there are specially selected for those who are going to find a job in another country. With all the nuances, such sites become a good portal for foreigners. And if you do not live in Kuwait, but want to find a job there, then you should look for it on such resources that provide sufficient information for a foreign worker and help establish contact between an employee and an employer from another country. And here are the sites:


This is a resource that contains many vacancies for various parameters, and not only in Kuwait, but also in many other countries in all parts of the Earth. Comfortable enough to search for a job, has an intuitive design with which there are no problems, and also contains the necessary amount of information necessary for the seeker. So you should at least try to look for work with

  1.  Kuwait –

This is a fairly popular resource for international job search, also has a sufficient number of vacancies, and what you need to know about the vacancy. It is part of a network of job search sites, so it copes with the provision of the necessary information at a certain good level.

  1.  Peoplebank Career Center

It is a popular local source of information for job seekers and is relatively easy to use. In addition to the vacancies themselves in Kuwait, it contains a lot of useful information for job seekers in Kuwait, gives advice on choosing a job and about Kuwait itself.

  1.  Jobs in Kuwait https: //

This is a local site for job search with good functionality, available in many countries. Despite the rather simple design, this is a good site with convenient functionality that can help you a lot in finding a job in Kuwait.

  1.  Caterer Global – Best Jobs in Kuwait

A popular site for finding jobs in very good places to work with good conditions, which is also accessible to all job seekers. You can register your CV and receive notifications of suitable vacancies for you, which is very convenient for job seekers. Searching for a job is quite convenient, and thanks to notifications, the site, even without your active participation, can find you good options for employment.

  1.  Kuwait network of job seekers

A popular site that is common among those who are already in Kuwait, but is available to everyone, you can also easily find good job options for yourself there.

  1.  Alfa CV – Job Search in Kuwait

It’s a good service that’s in good demand, and uses the most available technology to make it as easy as possible for people to find a job. Also, this site is very convenient not only for those who are looking for a job, but also for those who are looking for employees and publishing vacancies. There are vacancies on this site for everyone who wants to find a job, and in completely different areas of the labor market. In turn, through this site, employers can conveniently find good employees for themselves. This site can even help you create a suitable resume, and suggest how to make it stand out.

  1.  USO Worldwide Group

A popular site where people with good qualifications can find a good job in a good place. There are vacancies on this site both from small workplaces and from global companies that have their branches in many countries of the world. The site is user-friendly, free, intuitive to use, and finding the right job is easy.

  1.  Wazeefa1

A popular job search resource in the Middle East, which cooperates not only with employers from Kuwait, but also with almost all Gulf countries, which expands the geography of job search. But you can still use this handy site to look for a good place where you can successfully realize yourself and earn a living. Also available worldwide.

  1.  Careerjet Kuwait

One of the best and most popular local resources for job seekers and employers to find each other. But the site, despite the fact that it is focused on the Kuwaiti labor market, is also accessible to a foreigner. Even the name of the site clearly speaks for itself, and about what level of work is present there. The site is easy to use, it is intuitively clear what and where to click to get the desired result.

Of course, these are not all sites for job seekers. There are such sites like LinkedIn, but in order to use them you need to spend some money. If you are willing to spend some money to find a job, then you can look for a job there, or any other paid site. Such sites are even more convenient and functional, but also less accessible. On the sites mentioned above, you can at least find all the basic information you need through the job search site itself, which is very convenient. In general, the search for a job is a very complex process, so it is worth approaching this task with all seriousness. It still depends on how you earn money for a living.

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