How to quickly promote a blog on Twitter

Blogs on Twitter are now very few people making a profit, because the technology of monetization is not as developed there as in other popular social networks. In this regard, creators often abandon their accounts and do not maintain them. However, few people know that using effective promotion methods, you can achieve success on this platform and monetize your activities.

Today we will talk about how you can promote your account quickly and inexpensively.

Think about promotion ahead of time

You should not hope that after several months or years of hard work you will get a large audience without outside help. It is important to think about promoting your profile at the very beginning of work if you want to immediately work for people who read you.

We recommend that you contact professionals to buy Twitter followers on their website and make your job easier. With this quick and inexpensive action, you will get your first audience and will be able to immediately focus on retaining people over attracting.

See what your profile looks like

Most likely, you will find it difficult to evaluate the appearance of your account without comparing it with other authors. First of all, look at the profiles of creators who work in your topic and pay attention to what their main photo is, what posts they publish and how often.

After that, look at what you are doing and try to correct the mistakes you notice. This is important to keep the audience that has recently come to you. As a rule, on this platform, people subscribe to many accounts, but there is still a risk that they will not like your content and leave.

Make a variety of tweets (with photos, videos, links and gifs) but follow the same style and the same topic. So your account will look attractive to those who are interested in your niche.

Communicate with all people

Succeeding on social media is very difficult if you don’t connect with people in the comments. We are not talking about the fact that you should advertise your profile everywhere, this is completely unnecessary. Read the tweets of different authors and write your opinion in the comments (only without the negative). Answer people’s questions and jokes, keep interesting conversations.

If you actively participate in discussions, then users will notice you and want to see what you write about on your blog. With good activity in large accounts, you can attract the attention of several hundred or even thousands of people reading comments.

Also, try to maintain respect for other people in any situation and not offend anyone. When you speak on sensitive topics (for example, about political events or some news), then respect the opinion of opponents and criticize only constructively. If you insult a person for his position, then other users will treat you negatively.

Invite experts to cooperate

When you have already tried to work on content creation and promotion on your own, you will be able to understand what you are doing the worst. For example, you can invite a photographer to cooperate if you don’t know how to beautifully edit photos or a targetologist if it’s difficult for you to figure out how to set up advertising.

Do not save on this because the work of professionals will give you a chance to quickly develop your account and monetize your work. The profit will be more than the initial costs of creating content and developing a blog.


Ignore those who think Twitter is an obsolete platform and don’t quit working on your blog. If you follow our advice and work hard, then you will succeed and be able to earn income there.

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