Unpacking The First Hyper-Deflationary Blockchain Network

AXIA is at the forefront of the cryptocurrency landscape with a blockchain network that is trusted, secure, and will be used worldwide for years to come. As the first hyper-deflationary blockchain network, it’s a blockchain where the future of finance and business can thrive.

But what does this all mean? Whether you’re fluent in blockchain or are just getting started it’s important to understand the basics.

What does hyper-deflationary mean?

The hyper-deflationary tokenomic model of AXIA means that the blockchain’s native currency, AXIA Coin, has a Total Supply that can only decrease, never increase, through a process called coin burning triggered by participation on the network and throughout the wider AXIA ecosystem. This system creates a positive feedback loop in which every action taken by project participants creates a positive cascading effect on all other participants as the supply of the currency is continually becoming more and more scarce. As this is happening, more and more utility and use cases are also being added to the ecosystem through the development of new products and platforms. On the one hand, you have a currency that is becoming more scarce while on the other that same currency is becoming more and more useful in the digital and physical worlds—this combination delivers a never-before-seen value proposition for all AXIA Coin holders.  

What exactly is blockchain?

The concept of blockchains can confuse a lot of people—those in the tech industry and those outside of it. But understanding and becoming educated on it can ultimately bring you a lot closer to a more rewarding future. Blockchains are digital ledgers that store and share information across a network of devices. Cryptocurrencies are built on blockchains and are immutable, meaning they can’t be tampered with. Blockchains remove the need for a middleman as transactions can be conducted peer-to-peer.

DoWhat benefits do blockchains offer?

The benefits of blockchain shouldn’t be overlooked by either individuals or businesses. Here are some reasons why this technology can change our future for the better:

  1. Blockchains offer innovation: Blockchains provide a more secure, scalable and versatile vessel through which data can be transmitted and transactions can take place. Irrespective of borders all kinds of transactions can take place at low costs (depending on the network) and at high speeds (again, depending on the network). 
  2. Transactions are trustless: Blockchains enable trustless transactions because there is no longer the need for two parties to enlist a “trusted middleman” to complete transactions. Instead, blockchains use smart contracts that allow for direct peer-to-peer transactions. 
  3. Blockchains heighten security: Blockchains store digital data that cannot easily be tampered with. Due to the large number of computers that store records of each block, it is extremely difficult for bad actors to make any alterations or manipulate the network.  .
  4. Increased decentralization: Say goodbye to financial dealings done through banks or third parties. With blockchain, there is no need for a centralized system to facilitate, as the business or individuals can instead act directly with one another. 
  5. Greater transparency: Because blockchains are all public, transactions can be traced and viewed by anybody around the world. This creates a higher level of accountability and transparency for the public.

Now that we’ve broken those terms down, let’s explore the role of AXIA in the blockchain space. AXIA, as noted, is the first-ever hyper-deflationary blockchain network. The project offers a highly rewarding staking program, ongoing coin burning to create scarcity, an inclusive consensus model called Proof-of-Participation (PoP), and is overall a highly scalable and modular network. The blockchain is incredibly fast and focuses on interoperability, meaning that it can communicate with and share information with other networks, even if they have a different consensus model.

Let’s break down some of the number behind AXIA:

One way that can help to highlight the benefits of a hyper-deflationary blockchain network like AXIA is to see the numbers for yourself. Let’s break them down. 

  1. The AXIA Coin Circulating Supply is: 5,922,239.46047 AXC
  2. The total amount of AXIA Coin burned is: 672,075,245.29476 AXC
  3. The AXIA Coin Market Cap is: $5,922,239.46 AXC
  4. The amount of AXIA Coin staked is: 204,501,043.76780 AXC
  5. The Total Supply of AXIA Coin is: 179,327,924,754.70523 AXC

How you can accumulate AXIA coin

Time to start your blockchain journey with the AXIA Coin. You can open an account at AXIA Capital Bank as a way to acquire AXIA Coin and begin to stake them instantly. The project offers up to 120% APR on staking and all rewards are compounded on a daily basis. 

There are also other ways to start generating AXIA Coin rewards today. AXIA offers use-to-earn apps that reward participants just for basic usage. The project has launched the AXplorer web browser and AXchat messaging app, which are both private, secure and 100% free. Download them from Google Play or the App Store and start generating rewards just for tasks like browsing the web or chatting with friends and family.

If you’re ready to pursue a more rewarding future, tap into AXIA and get started today. The future of currency is here, are you in?

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