Tech Bable – What is BitlQ and how can it help you trade better?

We are very excited to announce the launch of our new product, BitlQ! BitlQ can help you overcome one of the biggest hurdles in trading which are getting into and out of trades at good prices. It’s never been easier to be an investor and trader as well thanks to BitlQ and now you have no excuse not to make money in trading. All you need to do is set up your parameters for profit, loss, and stop-loss and let BitlQ work its magic! You don’t even need any experience with programming or trading before!

How does technology influence the stock market?

As a whole, technology has had an enormous influence on our culture over the past century. Some aspects have been more subtle than others—consider that less than 100 years ago, people didn’t even own cell phones. Today, they’re not only prevalent but considered a necessity. In many ways, technology impacts every part of society and touches nearly every industry. Nowhere is that more apparent than in financial markets around the world.

How do I use technology to my advantage in the stock market?

The advent of technology has given us a multitude of advantages when it comes to trading stocks. Between the news, social media, live updates and so much more, there’s a lot we can do to ensure we’re trading efficiently. If you want an edge in your market trades, take advantage of these four tips for using tech to your advantage.

The basics of technical analysis

In its most simple form, technical analysis involves using historical price data to predict future trends. While not a new method of financial analysis by any means, technical analysis has become increasingly popular in recent years thanks to growing interest in cryptocurrency markets. Fundamental analysis may look at factors such as a company’s financial statements to determine where its value lies, but technical analysis focuses on metrics like market volume and order book depth.

Strategies for success with technical analysis

Every trader uses some sort of analysis to inform their trading decisions, whether they are aware of it or not. Price charts are a great way to visualize price movements, but what many traders don’t realize is that there’s a method behind each movement. In technical analysis, these methods are known as indicators—mechanisms or signals used to predict future market action.

Why you should use BitlQ when using your own strategy

It’s always hard to predict what other traders are going to do. When placing trades on exchanges, there’s a huge risk of accidentally placing your stop too close or your target too far. This can cause big losses that could have been avoided. We built BitlQ as a way to protect users from ever having these kinds of issues by using a system called Place & Target Protection.

Do I need funding for a startup?

The answer to whether or not your startup needs funding is not a simple yes or no. The correct answer is: It depends on what kind of startup you’re trying to build. There are good reasons for raising money and bad reasons for doing so, so we should start with a discussion about all of them.  When you decide that your startup needs funding, there are four main options: Friends and family, crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter or Indiegogo, micro-investors via sites like AngelList or SeedInvest (for accredited investors only), and venture capital firms. Let’s talk about each option in turn.

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