Going the “headless route” in the eCommerce space is highly beneficial. It allows you better site speed and more flexibility. This method lets you build your online store the way you want it. A Headless eCommerce Shopify will help your business grow. There are usually two elements – the front end, where the customers interact with the interface, and the second is the back end, where all the functions are made. There are various themes you can use to create a unique shop. Having a headless e-commerce architecture can boost your business in ways unimaginable. If you are still on the edge about it, we are here to tell you a few reasons why you should choose it.

Better  and Increased Speed

Often consumers don’t have high patience, they want pages that work faster. Slowing down the shop is always easy. This could be due to various apps on the store or a lot of extra coding for various customizations and changes in the main theme of the page. Though a headless route, doesn’t directly impact the speed many businesses can see significant speed boosts. For example, the Progressive Web Apps in the store can allow sub-second load times across the channels. It increases the loads and makes it unable to make dynamic database request. Opting for the headless e-commerce architecture will increase the speed drastically, which will help to boost sales.

Customise your URLs

A basic Shopify won’t allow you to customize your URL. This can be done with the headless. Strict rules need to be followed concerning the structure and modification of URLs on Shopify. It only provides you with four structure options, which don’t let you add details to allow Google to know the relevancy of the product when the customer is searching. All these limitations aren’t there with headless. It allows you to create a brand-specific URL and even add more details to the description.

Reduction in Marketing Time

Initially, it takes a while to separate the front-end and back-end. Once that has been done, the work becomes easier. You can also update the system. Once the custom front-end is hooked up to the headless Shopify store, it will let the marketing team make immediate changes. This will allow you to edit the content and layout and create campaigns much faster. All of this can be done without worrying about the functionality of the back-end. This is how custom-built landing pages are launched and marketing campaigns run within days. New features or updates can be added much faster as the front-end developers don’t need to collaborate with the band end-developers. This means that the store UI/UX can constantly be updated to keep up with consumer behaviour.

Seamless Integration with Third Party Service

Headless commerce has API in the centre, allowing you to connect your store with other platforms, tools or service providers. There are endless customization options that become available. You now have complete control over the site’s look, functionality and usability.

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