Five Effective Ways to Gain Positive Reviews Online 

Reviews and testimonials from customers can go a long way in improving the patronage of your website. More than 70% of customers have admitted to reading customer reviews before making purchases or signing up with websites. Likewise, about 63% of these numbers have indicated that there is an increased possibility of purchasing goods from a site with customer reviews or ratings.  

When others leave remarks about their experiences, prospective users who may be hesitant are reassured and take the reviews as a positive to make purchases. If you run an online business rendering goods or services, reviews are important in instilling trust. 

While getting reviews is one thing, receiving positive ones is another. You can check out six proven ideas to get customer reviews. Below, we have listed five effective ways to constantly get positive ratings.

  1. Make It An Easy task.

Regardless of how enjoyable the user experience of your website is, your clients will hardly go out of their way in providing a rating or review. It is important to make the reviewing process very straightforward.

You can either send a link that takes them to the review section of your site or your social media page. If you’re running an e-commerce site, this is an ideal way to attract more clients. When customers complete a purchase, ensure emails you send link them directly to the review page.  

  1. Offer Discounts and Bonus offers for customers.

Cheaper prices give you an edge over your rival competitors. They also delight customers since they will be spending less. While you should not bribe a customer to get a positive review, offering bonuses is an effective incentive for achieving good ratings. 

You can offer discounted prices to users who leave feedback, as a means of appreciating them for the effort. You can also provide bonus offers to customers who sign up through review sites. In the online gambling industry, new players who sign up at casinos through review sites are rewarded with the latest casino bonuses. Such offers include no-deposit, first deposit promos as well as free spins for online slots. They also come with reasonable wagering requirements.

  1. Respond to negative reviews.

Customer experiences will always differ and negative reviews are bound to show up once in a while. Rather than ignore them, you should respond, particularly when the complaint is justified. Most times, these are honest comments by users, which if worked upon, help to ultimately improve your business.

Responding and assuring the customer of an adjustment which you actually implement, could make such a client return to improve the review. So, don’t always take negative reviews in bad faith, they could in fact be a crucial game-changer in improving your online business.

  1. Offer A Responsive Customer Support Service.

It is not difficult to understand why customer service is important. Support is very essential in providing clients with a complete user experience. You can operate a 24/7 customer support team that operates via live chat, email, and even telephone. Users will have no difficulty in reaching out whenever in need of assistance or clarification. 

In addition, ensure you run an active social media page on apps like Facebook or Twitter where you promote your business. When clients make comments, engage with them to show you’re responsive and open to communicating. You can also run trivia online and reward winners with gifts. Such gestures aid in making the client feel a connection with your business – and a happy customer is one you can expect a positive review from.

  1. Deal in Good Products or Services

What you offer your clients is the foundation of having a good comment. When you deal in quality products or offer premium services to clients, positive ratings are bound to come. You can check out six reasons why product quality matters.

Likewise, dealing in inferior products or offering poor services will only get you harsh criticism from users and poor ratings. Your primary concern should be offering the best possible experience to your new and existing customers. Scoring good reviews is not rocket science. Your goal should aim toward customer satisfaction and you can rest assured positive feedback will show up. 

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