What Do You Need to Know if You Have a Big Head and Want to Purchase a Great Hat?

Most men suffer from physical insecurities such as weak angles, poor jawline, crooked noses, and so on. Recently, one thing that has been added to this list is the big head. If you have a big head, you might face problems choosing the best hat. 

If the hats you choose don’t fit properly, you will end up affecting your overall outfits and fashion statement. Improperly fitted hats can create an uncomfortable situation for a fashionable person like you. Hence, you need to ensure that you’re choosing the perfect one. 

As per reports, the average size of an adult American’s head is between 22 and 23 inches. As this measurement is accurate, anything that surpasses this measurement can fall into the category of a big head. 

Now, you might think that as you have a big head, you cannot find the perfect hat. But this is not true as most manufacturers create different types of hats for men with big heads. You can search for various hats such as cowboy hats and fedora hats online and browses through the options. From the wide brim to the Cattleman crease, you can find any option relevant to your big head. 

Before you start choosing, you need to determine a couple of things about your big head as well as the proper fitting of the hats. Continue reading the article to know more. 

One-Size-Fits-All Won’t Work 

Earlier, men didn’t have various size options with hats. The general sizes of hats for men were typically in the range of 56 to 60 cm. This is why many men failed to choose the perfect hat as per the size and shape of their heads. The one-size-fits-all won’t work every time. 

Due to the unavailability of the sizes, men who needed bigger hats used to face a lot of challenges. Some manufacturers recognized this issue and started making hats that are 10 cm larger than the general size of the hats. When you visit our website, you can purchase big hats without any problem. Therefore, you can easily find the best hats, despite the size of the head. 

Choose Handmade Hats

If you have a big head, nothing will provide you with more comfort than handmade hats. This is why many men choose custom hats. It doesn’t matter how big your head is or even if your head has a unique shape, the handmade hats will always fit perfectly. 

Not only the size, but you can also choose the style as well as the materials you want for your handmade hats. You can also choose the perfect colors that will help you boost your fashion statement. But keep in mind that custom hand-made hats are more expensive than machine-built hats. As per Global Linker, handmade products are expensive

Don’t forget to take proper measurements of your head before you choose the custom handmade hats. If you make mistakes, the hats won’t fit properly and you will end up affecting the primary reasons for purchasing handmade hats. 

Choose Stretchable Hats

Men who have large heads are often insecure about their appearances and they want to hide it. This is why you need to choose hats that can stretch as well as are capable of complementing your fashion statement. If you have a large head, the cowboy hats and wide-brimmed fedora hats might be the perfect solution for you. You can also purchase a beanie. As the material is stretchy, it will sit comfortably as per the size and shape of your head. Nowadays, modern hats come in various colors. Apart from the general wool material, cotton, nylon, and polyester are also being used to create beanies. 

You Don’t Need to Suffer for Your Wig 

Some men prefer wearing wigs. This is why choosing the perfect hat size might be a difficult task. If you’re someone who loves to wear a wig, you need to choose hats that are one or two sizes bigger than the usual size of the original size of the head. 

You Don’t Need to Compromise Your Choice of Hats 

When you choose hats that fit properly on your head, you will be able to enhance your personality. Suppose you purchased an eye-catching fedora or cowboy hat for yourself. If the hat looks and feels too tight on your head, it will ruin all your styling efforts. Not to mention, tight, loose, or improperly fitted hats will also make you look awkward. 

Therefore, you need to choose something that is of the correct size. At the same time, you also need to consider the shape of your face. Some men prefer bigger fedora hats, whereas others choose cowboy hats. 

You Can Find Oversized Hats Easily 

Don’t assume that you cannot find oversized hats. If you choose professional and reputed manufacturers, you will be able to find oversized hats easily. You don’t need to worry if you have a big head or not, you can choose the best hats as per the size of your head. Choosing irrelevant hats will cause discomfort as well as affect the fashion statement. 

Straw Hat Styling Tips You Need to Remember

It doesn’t matter if you have a big head and want to purchase the best straw hats, you should choose something that will make you look great. With the help of this option, things will become effortless. 

You can accomplish your desired fashion statement; you don’t need to put much effort. You can wear a straw hat with both your formal and informal outfits. However, the outfit you choose needs to be relevant to the event you’re attending. 

The straw hats can protect you from outdoor elements such as rain, sunlight, and UV rays without any issue. Additionally, you don’t need to worry about taking any special training. You just need to be confident in yourself. 


This is everything you need to know if you have a big head and you want to purchase a hat that will fit properly on your head. Do you have any other questions? Make sure you comment below to let us know. 

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