Six proven ideas to get customer reviews in 2022

The 21st century is the era of digital technologies and startups. More and more people are launching projects to realize their knowledge and implement innovative ideas. No wonder we hear every day about some technology business that will soon change our lives.

Not only the technologies and services that appear along with ambitious people are important. Successful examples show that almost everyone can try their hand at bringing ideas to life. After all, a startup is not only innovative IT technologies. First of all, startup is a unique business model. It does not require large financial investments and a large number of employees. You can start a project by finding a team of like-minded people. It only works for the first steps. If you want to build a successful large business, then you’ll have to put in a lot of effort and time.

Today, various digital tools can help you to realize your plans. You can even forget about renting an office, although even 10 years ago it would have been unthinkable. Yes, we are talking about remote work. And if earlier it was a hallmark of IT teams, today you’ll not surprise anyone with working from home. This is a great trend. It benefits both employers and employees. Using corporate managers and messengers, you can create and optimize all the workflows necessary for the operation and development of your business. Slack, Microsoft Teams, Trello, and Notion are indispensable helpers for today’s business.

Finding an investor and organizing teamwork are important steps toward success, but they are not enough. You need to know how to use a counterfeit id and understand your target audience well. It is important to be able to hear your customers, their requests, wishes, and disappointments. Only in such a way will you be able to make the necessary changes to your startup, making it more attractive to users. It is important to respond to any feedback, both positive and negative. This is how you show that you care about your customers.

How to ask a user to leave a review?

As a rule, satisfied customers rarely leave a review of their own free will. Your task is to remind the client about it. Let’s start with the obvious point. Ask the client to share their impressions immediately after the service. The client can evaluate the quality of service, the speed of responses, and the performance of work. Take advantage of the following options.

SMS sending

You can use SMS mailing with a request to rate the service/product. Use VoIP services. They help to make mass SMS sending quickly and without any problems. If you are using enterprise tools such as Slack, you can pre-integrate software for such a purpose. Slack app directory has over 2500 integrations. By installing a VoIP service like Clerk, you’ll be able to send SMS from Slack from a single workspace. It’s convenient and efficient. It is enough to allocate one employee to control SMS distribution and analyze customer responses. Moreover, Slack has integrations for analysis.


Do not be surprised. A simple call yields a lot of valuable information from users. Therefore, do not ignore such a method. You can call the client and ask for his opinion. This is useful for internal work: it may contain new ideas to improve the service. And you can show such a review to potential customers.

Email Reminder

Has the client used your services? Then, in a couple of days, send him an email thanking him for his cooperation and asking him to write a review. It is desirable to show personalized attention to the client. He’ll want to leave an opinion about your service with great desire.

Check reviews on social networks

Users spend a lot of time on popular social networks such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Therefore, it is useful to create accounts for your business on social networks and develop them so that the audience can observe your activities. Watch for mentions of your company account on social media and respond to them. These can be short posts with a link to your project, gratitude for the great service, a comment about the services, etc. The authors of such posts can be asked for feedback about your service. It is worth noting that people trust reviews left on websites less than reviews on social networks. Therefore, pay special attention to this direction of feedback from the audience.

QR code

A modern and efficient way to communicate with customers. A QR code is great for a business with direct interaction with customers, such as a restaurant or a fitness club. The method for collecting feedback is very useful and easy to use. With the help of a QR code image reader, the client will be able to go to the reviews section of the site and leave an opinion. Ask the client to evaluate the level of your service, availability, convenience, etc. Post the QR code in a prominent place, for example, at the reception, with a call to action “We would love to get an opinion on our service!”

Check your email

Often, customers themselves write suggestions for improving the service to the company’s e-mail. Do not miss the opportunity to respond, to establish contact with those who appreciate your work. All the information received will help improve your business and find new customers.

In fact, getting feedback from users is not as difficult as it might seem at first glance. Therefore, do not miss the opportunity to collect valuable data from your customers. The more you get their opinions, the more correctly you’ll conclude making changes to your project. Unfortunately, many leaders underestimate the power of feedback. Don’t make these kinds of mistakes. Collect feedback and grow your business the right way. Then success won’t be long in coming!

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