Do Gas Stations Take Apple Pay? (100% Solution)

Apple pay is a very popular and useful app. Apple Pay has the capability of wirelessly sending your information so you can buy things without carrying your credit card. It is compatible with the iPhone 6, 6S, 7, 8, XS Max phones, and new watches that use IOS 5 or later. 

You’ve probably seen people paying for items with their iPhones hanging over credit card machines recently. Apple Pay, Iphone’s mobile wallet software, is what they’re utilizing.

 Apple Pay is an example of new cash-free payment technology called NFC (near-field communication technology), which means that you can use your phone to pay for items.

Do Gas Stations Take Apple Pay?

Do gas stations take apple pay? YES, there is over two million gas station in the world that accept Apple Pay. If you need to fill up your car with gasoline, you can use Apple Pay whenever you’re at a gas station here in the United States. 

The vast majority of petrol stations now offer Apple Pay as a payment method, meaning iPhones users no longer have to carry around the credit or debit cards they normally use to purchase fuel at each fill-up.

Gas Stations that accept Apple Pay

Mobil gas stations are some of the most popular places in the United States to use Apple Pay at the pump.

 Just be aware that certain gas stations will not accept this payment option directly at the pump but will accept it in the store. You may also inquire with your cashier about whether you can use Apple Pay at their pump.

  1. 7-Eleven
  2. ARCO
  3. BP/Amoco
  4. Chevron
  5. CITGO
  6. Circle K
  7. Conoco
  8. Cumberland Farms
  9. Delta Sonic
  10. ExxonMobil
  11. Kum & Go
  12. Kwik Fill/Red Apple
  13. Kwik Trip/Kwik Star
  14. Meijer
  15. Phillips 66
  16. QuikTrip
  17. RaceTrac/RaceWay
  18. Shell
  19. Sheetz
  20. Speedway
  21. Sunoco
  22. Texaco

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How To Use Apple Pay at Gas Station?

Apple Pay payment methods can be used at gas stations. To use it, first, locate a Contactless sign and locate Apple Pay in the Wallet app. Users can double-click their iPhone’s side button twice and access Face ID to initiate the payment.

 The amount should automatically be placed on the screen, so make sure you are aiming your phone toward the register. The Apple phone must remain on the device for it to finish processing the transaction.

Gas Stations That Take Apple Pay

1.     ARCO: To use Apple Pay, you must have a debit card connected to your digital payment.

2.     BP/Amoco: the BPme app is required.

3.     Chevron accepts Apple Pay what so ever locations.

4.     CITGO is only accessible in certain areas.

5.     Circle K: Exclusively available at some locales.

6.     Conoco: Exclusively accessible in certain areas.

7.     ExxonMobil: takes Apple Pay in most stations and allows you to connect it to your Rewards+ account.

8.     Kum & Go: use the iPhone app to checkout using Apple Pay.

9. Only in certain places is Kiwik Fill/Red Apple accessible.

10. Kiwi Trip/Kiwik Star is only available in certain areas.

11.  Meijer: Only accessible in a few locations.

12.  Phillips 66 is only accessible in certain areas.

13.  QuikTrip: Apple Pay invoicing is dependent on shop location.  

14.  RaceTrac: supports Apple Pay everywhere.

15.  Shell: offers Apple Pay at the majority of sites.

16.  Sheetz: Most of their stores support Apple Pay.

17. Apple Pay is accepted at all Speedway locations.

18.  Valero only offers Apple Pay at a few locations.

How to Use Apple Pay to Pay for Gas

Apple Pay is a way for you to pay instead of using your debit or credit cards at places where you would normally use them. You can pay in places such as the gas station, a restaurant, and the mall.

 Apple has helped to reduce card fraud because they are less likely to be stolen, which means you can save money on fees incurred when people use your card without permission.

 When paying with Apple Pay, there’s no need to hand over any sensitive information like the number printed on your card; the merchant will simply see an encrypted transaction code when you tap your smartphone.


To summarize, Apple Pay allows you to pay for petrol at various fuel stations. However, it is not accepted everywhere, and there are often a few different ways to go about purchasing groceries or fuel if you find yourself in this position. If you have cash on hand, that’s always a good backup option. 

Another safe method is to use your bank account through another form of payment – simply store a card or let the convenience of paying by mobile take the hassle out of life!

Also, remember that in order to use Apple Pay at certain gas stations, you will be required to provide your debit card information. Most ARCO pumps require a direct debit method of payment for Apple Pay, for example.

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