Online Tuitions for Maths: Top Advantages of Online Tuition for Maths

Nowadays many students face difficulties in understanding and solving maths concepts. which requires detailed explanations with examples. As the parents don’t have much time to teach their kids because of their busy schedules. Also in this pandemic situation, online tuition for maths is the best solution because it provides a simple and easy explanation for the mathematical problems with appropriate examples and in an engaging manner.

One of the basic and important topics in maths includes calculating percentages. It has a wide variety of applications eg: calculating the percentage of marks obtained and calculating the certain percentage of discount in sales to attract customers. It can be calculated by dividing one particular value by its total value and then multiplying the obtained value by 100. Mathematically, percentages are expressed in two ways numbers or ratios. A percentage is a representation of a fraction of the whole, in terms of 100. They are usually denoted with the symbol “%”. The term percentage includes “per” and “cent.” Cent is a Latin word and originated from French that means “hundred,” and “percent” means “per hundred.” For example, 60 percent (or 60%) means 60 out of 100 while 25percent (or 25%) means 25 out of 100 or a quarter of a whole.

 Benefits of Online Tuition for Maths

  • Time and Location Flexibility

Online tuitions will provide the benefits of all the classrooms with safety and in your comfort zone with flexible login time. It also saves traveling expenses and time.

  • Live Interaction

It can provide live one-to-one interaction so that you can clear your doubts on the spot.

  • Availability of the Resources

The required resources on the specific topics are available just one click away from the students.

  •  E-learning Skills

This process includes usage of the internet and systems, along with the subject knowledge it also enhances e-learning skills. which is very much required to meet the market standards in this competitive world.

  • Clarity of Concepts

Since all resources are at their fingertips tutors utilize the colorful picture are effective videos to bring clarity to concepts. Students can visualize the concepts rather than just listen to them verbally.

  • One-on-One Attention

Due to its flexibility, we can achieve one on one attention by reducing the class size for each tutor which intern will help the students to get individual attention.

Let’s Learn the Percentage Formula

Based on the above discussion we can formulate the percentage formula and able to calculate percentage as follows.

Percentage (%) = (value/total value) ×100

Example 1: Students scored 481 marks in the exam out of 600 for which the exam is conducted, calculate the percentage of marks secured in the exam.

Solution 1:

   Marks scored=481

   Total marks=600

   Percentage of marks (%)=(481/600)×100



  Therefore the percentage of marks is 80.16%.

Let’s See How to Calculate the Percentage of a Number

Step 1: Firstly we need to know about the form of the number whether it is expressed in fraction or decimal. Since the actual format will decide which mathematical operation can be done on the number. 0.20 as a decimal form and 3/25 as a fraction form.

Step 2: Perform the mathematical operation on the given number. i.e if the given number is a fraction, convert it to a decimal number. If the given number is a decimal number, there is no need for any conversion.

Example: 3/25 =0.12

Step 3:The result obtained in the above step should be multiplied by 100. 

Example: 0.12 × 100 = 12%

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